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  • Uncover the secrets of permanent weight loss and and why your next diet has nothing to do with it!
  • Stop blaming yourself and find lack willpower in sticking with your diet.
  • Learn empowering techniques that will help you get to the root cause of why you are overweight.
  • Learn how you can achieve lasting success!

“Sulana’s book offers great insight into the deeper motives of why diets fail, and will transform how you view your relationship with weight, food and yourself. This book is not about food groups, portion sizes, or exercise, instead it provides you the tools to free yourself from the deeper negative limiting beliefs and patterns that have been keeping you overweight.

Dr. Lew Pliamm, MD

“Most weight loss books only deal with meal plans and exercise regimes. Sulana will help you transform your thinking about dieting, and guide you to the underlying reasons why you continue to struggle with weight and what you can do about it.”

Lennie Iskender, Registered Dietitian


“Just imagine hearing compliments about the way you look and how good that would make you feel. Sulana’s book “It’s Not About The Cheesecake” is not only innovative, informative and thought-provoking, it puts you in the driver’s seat of your life, allowing you to create real and sustainable change!”

Michael E. Moore, TMNLP, MTLT, TMCHt, Certified Fitness Trainer

“Sulana’s book, “It’s Not About The Cheesecake” really speaks to women who have been battling with their weight. Her very simple and practical tools will help you uncover your deeper limiting issues and the action steps to take to move forward.”

Jacqueline Betterton, TV Host and Producer


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