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It’s Not About the Cheesecake

Break Free From Yo-Yo Dieting And Start Living Your Life

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Uncover the secrets of permanent weight loss and and why your next diet has nothing to do with it!


  • Are you fed up with losing and then regaining your weight?
  • Using food to make yourself feel better?
  • Blaming yourself for lack of willpower in sticking with your diet, and lacking motivation?
[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Then this book is for you! Sulana shares with you why your next diet will fail, and how you have been using the wrong approach to losing weight all along. Learn empowering techniques that will help you get to the root cause of why you are overweight, and how you can achieve lasting success![/text_block]

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About the Author

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Sulana Perelman is a Registered Dietitian and a Master Coach in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy and a Trainer in Hypnosis. Sulana uses her wealth of experience in both coaching and nutrition to empower women in achieving their weight loss goals and living their best life.


It’s Not About the Cheesecake

Break Free From Yo-Yo Dieting And Start Living Your Life

  • Understanding What It’s All About

    Your Unconscious Mind can keep you stuck in a habit that is not serving you well

  • Where Is Your Focus?

    Focusing on your solution brings to your attention what you need to be successful

  • Getting To The Bottom of It All

    Uncover the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from moving forward and become the Driver of your life

  • Moving Toward Success

    Become aware of your Mean Girl and that thoughts lead to feelings which lead to an action or inaction

  • What’s Missing?

    Learn to set boundaries and find out your life satisfaction

  • Remember To Eat

    Learn to differentiate between physical and emotional hunger and how to eat mindfully. Includes a technique of how to get rid of a craving

  • Having It All

    Learn the motivator technique and set your goals

  • Who will you be, now that you are free?

    Your dream – your life. Living the dream.

    A chapter about feeling free and empowered to follow our dream till the end and making this dream our reality. This chapter should erase any delay between dream and reality.

  • Where do you start?

     A sense of duty. Your life is your masterpiece.

    This chapter is all about the dream/reality becoming our mission and our duty. This chapter encourages us to see our life as our masterpiece, gift and legacy.

  • Do You know who you are?

    A messenger of life. Living your life in service to life.

    This is a chapter about going beyond oneself into oneness with life; by living our dream, our mission, we become messengers of life and live our lives in service to life; we are a beacon of light for everyone around us. This chapter takes us beyond personal limitations into the joy of sharing life with everyone else.

  • You Are One with life.

    Living miraculously. Celebrating life.

    This final chapter is about living with the awareness that we are one with life and with everyone else. Here life becomes a constant celebration and a miracle.

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